FAQ - General
Q1. Services Subscription

1. What are the procedures for services subscription?

Complete the application form and register as a FREE basic member, select the service plan and complete the payment process. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email if your payment transaction is successful.

2. Is there any trial services provided?

a) Program Archive Service
All users enjoy 7 days program archive service for free. Simply click the program date and time slot, window media player pop – up and play the selected program.

b) Streaming Service
No trial service is provided, you can download the demo here for preliminary reference.

3. Is it accept application from overseas or mainland china?

It is accepted. Anyone who has returned the completed application form online and paid the required service fee will be entitled to the service. All service fees are to be calculated and settled in HKD.

Q2. Login Process

1. How can I know if my application is success?

You will receive a confirmation email when your application is succeed.

2. How to receive my login name and password?

You can decide your username and password when creating a user account, also a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email when your registration is succeed.

Q3. Service Renewal

1. If my subscription is getting ready to expire, how do I renew my subscription?

If you make your payment online by credit card and apply for auto renewal in your registration, the service will extend automatically every month when your service ended. If you want to terminate your service, please contact us by email cs@metroradio.com.hk one month prior to the expiry date of subscription period.

If you pay by cheque, please send the cheque with accurate amount on or before your service end date.

2. Besides online payment, there are other ways for it?

Payment by cheque

(a) Pay : Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited

(b) Back of the cheque : Name
  : contact number
  : login name
  : email address
  : service you applied for

(c) Send to <Metro Broadcast Corp. Ltd.>
Basement 2, Site 6, Whampoa Garden, Hunghom, Hong Kong. Attn : metroradio.com.hk

* 4 working days are needed to process the cheque when it is received.

Q4. Change of Personal Data / Service Suspension / Forgot password

1. If I forgot password , how can I get it back?

Click ‘login’ and press ‘ forgot password ‘, enter your login name or registered email. If your data submitted is matched with our record, an email with login name and password will be resend to you.

2. How to change the personal information in application form?

Click ‘member zone’ and change your information at ‘edit profile’, please note that your login name cannot be changed once registered.

3. Can I suspended services?

No. Since our services are available worldwide, there is no suspension for our services.

Q5. Transaction / Payment / Top-up / Account Enquiry / Termination

1. Is the service expiry date and transaction date adjustable?

Both dates are not adjustable as these are recorded by our online system.

2. What kinds of information is needed in order to make online payment?

After users have filled in all personal information, the system will automatically direct to the paydollar authorization page. Users have to fill in the 16 digit card no. , CVV code and card expiry date in order to complete your payment. If the card is not activated for online payment, the system might require the cardholder to fill in the card password.

3. How to terminate the service?

If you want to terminate your service, please complete the termination form and return to us by fax or email cs@metroradio.com.hk one month prior to the expiry date of subscription period.

Download Termination Form

4. If the service is terminated, will the remaining credit be refunded to the users?

If the service is terminated, any remaining credit will not be refunded.

5. How to check my ‘Free Real-Time Quotes’ balance?

Click here and login, your balance will be shown on the page.

Q6. Technical Support

1. If it shows “ cannot be displayed”, how can I solve this problem?

Users can press (Ctrl + F5) to refresh the page. If the problem is still cannot be solved, please contact our customer service.

2. What kinds of soft / hardware is needed to be installed in my computer in order to enjoy the service from metroradio.com.hk?

Computer Specifications:
CPU: Pentium 4 ( or above)
RAM : 512MB (or above)
Sound Card: Sound Blaster 16 (or compatible)

Display specifications:
1024 x 768 pixels , 16 bit high color or 24 bit true color

Microsoft System: Windows XP (or above versions)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 (or above versions)

Flash Player:
Adobe Flash Player 10 or above

Windows Media Player:
7.0 or above

Internet connection:
Broadband (56K cannot support service)

3. What kinds of operating system and browser are needed to be installed in my computer in order to perform online payments?

Compatible Operating Systems:
• Windows 7
• Windows 8
• Windows 8.1
• Windows 10

Compatible Browsers:
• Chrome v22 or higher
• Firefox v27 or higher
• Internet Explorer 8-10 ( if TLS 1.1 is enabled )
• Internet Explorer 11 and higher
• Safari v7 or higher
• Edge

4. Can I used the same login name to login at different computers?

No. One login name can only be used to login in one single computer. If there is a duplicate login, the earlier logged in account will be cancelled.

Q7. Operation Guide

1. Is there any time limit for the services?

There is no time limit for our websites. Users can all -day browse our official websites.

2. Does it support printing function?

Certainly. Users will need to connect their printer and choose “Print” from the browser in order to print the particular pages.

3. Any using demo provided to users ?

We provide demo page in our website, users can use this page to understand operation and function of our website.

Q8. Contact Us

Fax: 3698 8020
Address: Basement 2, Site 6, Whampoa Garden, Hunghom, Hong Kong
Office hour: Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 18:00
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: Off