Company Background

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited currently operates 3 channels namely Metro Finance, Metro Info and Metro Plus, simultaneously providing AM and FM services. The 3 channels offer listeners updates on global finance, music, entertainment, lifestyle, multi-cultural exchange etc.


Metro Finance (FM 102.4 -106.3)

Metro Finance is the first 24-hour Cantonese finance radio channel in the world. Its goal is to provide the audience in Hong Kong and other parts of the world with accurate, real-time and market-moving news and important information of global financial markets. Being a breakthrough in the local radio industry, Metro Finance provides the simulcast programmes with Radio Guangdong, Shanghai Media Group and Shenzhen News Radio 89.8, to report up-to-date information of the financial markets.


Metro Info (FM 99.7 - 102.1)

Metro recognizes the growing need for information by the general public in Hong Kong and therefore transformed its FM99.7 channel to “Metro Info” in 2008 and the channel offers programmes of wide range of varieties including information, music, lifestyle and culture, self-value adding, entertainment etc. With Metro Info, accessing to information is quick and simple as a snap of fingers.


Metro Plus (AM 1044)

As Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the World, Metro Plus serves its listeners with the same concept. Metro Plus is not only the most sought after English station on the dial but a formidable leader as far as international sound is concerned. It is the channel of choice, speaking many languages but setting no borders.


New Media Development - Web & App

Audience can click on to and enjoy diversified Metro programmes through real-time audio broadcast and programme archives, total no. of registered members of the site is near 600,000. Metro takes a leading position in Mobile Apps development and its free Apps were landed on major Smartphone platforms starting from year 2009. Total no. of downloads of Metro Apps is over 3.67 million. Metroradio App is upgraded in Q4 2016 with new elements added based on programme genres.


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