Fade (我最愛的就是你) / Jeff Satur

派台日期: 2023-09-22  
唱片公司:Warner Music


因為出演劇集而走紅的Jeff Satur 除了進軍內地的綜藝節目外,並視華語市場為未來的發展重心。除了為台灣大型音樂會擔任表演嘉賓,更為歌曲《Fade》推出由陳蕾填詞的華語版。

After an incredible live performance on the hit Chinese reality show, Call Me By Fire, Jeff Satur is releasing his hit single, "Fade," in Mandarin, on September 21. The T-Pop superstar has been making waves across Asia and beyond and looks to become the next breakout Asian icon globally.