Close To You / oceanfromtheblue (feat. 선우정아)

派台日期: 2023-02-03  
唱片公司:Warner Music


新生代韓國 R&B 歌手 oceanfromtheblue 推出首張個人同名專輯《oceanfromtheblue》,專輯內收錄了十二首既溫暖又教人深省的R&B歌曲。

主打曲《Close To You》請來韓國唱作歌手鮮于貞娥作Featuring,鮮于貞娥帶有靈魂及令人心動的嗓音和oceanfromtheblue 的充滿情感的律動帶來協同作用,昇華歌曲的主題。

oceanfromtheblue releases his first full-length album “oceanfromtheblue”, an immaculate self-titled album that contains warm and introspective R&B tracks.

The focus track “Close To You” featured by the Korean singer-songwriter sunwoojunga is a heart-fluttering R&B number where the delicate sentimentalities of the two singer-songwriters synergize to boost up intimate vibrations.