Night Flight / SOULBYSEL ft. JU-NE (of iKON)

派台日期: 2023-05-19  
唱片公司:Warner Music


由2022年4月開始,以發掘另類聲音及音樂而邀請超過50位不同才華藝人參與的韓國KPOP/R&B Project SOULBYSEL,推出最新作品《SOULBYSEL Compilation 05》 。這次專輯請來Sion、iKON JU-NE、AB6IX田雄和 CAMO等才華藝人演唱歌曲,展現出不同歌曲類型和故事,滿足大眾對音樂的不同慾望。

Sensational K-pop girl group aespa is back on May 2 (Timed SOULBYSEL, a KPOP/KRNB professional curating project that introduces talented Korean artists to the world, has introduced unique music of around 50 artists since 2022 April.

This time, to celebrate the first anniversary of the "SOULBYSEL" compilation project, South Korea's currently most talented artists including ‘Sion’, ‘JU-NE (of iKON)’, ‘JEON WOONG (of AB6IX)’, and CAMO will showcase tracks of various genre and stories sure to satisfy diverse listeners.