Let Me Know (clean) / Gareth.T

派台日期: 2023-09-14  
唱片公司:Warner Music


Introducing Gareth.T's heartfelt release, "Let Me Know." This young Cantonese star humbly pours his emotions into this song, inspired by a real-life heartbreak that marked the end of a special relationship. There were no surprises, as Gareth had sensed the impending storm early on, reflecting on his own lack of experience in navigating love's tricky waters. Regret fills his lyrics as he acknowledges his mistakes and yearns for a chance to make things right. Longing for the lost connection they once shared, Gareth immerses himself in memories, craving the communication that has slipped away. The once vibrant weekends now feel dull, unable to compare to the euphoria they once shared. The song personifies this yearning, knowing deep down that he may never recapture that same feeling, yet he clings to the hope that she will somehow let him know about her life, even if she no longer speaks to him as she once did.

Written and produced by Gareth himself, "Let Me Know" delicately weaves a tapestry of affection, backed by a soul-stirring guitar. It follows in the footsteps of his earlier heartfelt tracks like "Speed Limit" and "Confidence," showcasing Gareth.T's growth as an artist and his ability to forge a genuine bond with his listeners.

Gareth.T這位年輕歌手將自己的情感融入 “let me know” 這首歌中,靈感來自於一個標誌著一段特別關係結束的心碎故事。毫不驚奇,考慮到自己缺乏戀愛經驗,Gareth 已經預兆這一天的來臨。這首歌的歌詞充斥著遺憾,Gareth承認了自己的錯誤,並希望有機會彌補。他沉溺於過往與愛人共度的回憶。曾經充滿活力的週末現在變得平淡無奇,無法跟他們曾經共享的快樂相比。這首歌代表了這種渴望,深知他也許永遠無法重現那種戀愛感覺,Gareth仍然希望她能以某種方式讓他了解她的生活,即使她不再像以前那樣與他交流。

“let me know” 由 Gareth 本人編寫和製作,巧妙地與深情的吉他伴奏交織在一起。這與他早期的深情作品 “speed limit” 和 “confidence” 等相符,展現了 Gareth作為創作人的成長以及他與觀眾聯繫的能力。


would you let me know
what have you been doing i know
now i’m not there
inside your picture
but i do
wanna know wanna know
so please let me know
if u need me i’ll be alone
i’ve been spending too much time
cause my best friend
she won’t pick up the phone

but why would
she pick up
she gave you everything
and you gave up
just admit you never really did enough
that you’re not good at love
you don’t love her enough hmmmm
and when we talk it’s just silence
we still text but there’s distance
i don’t see her often
the break up wasn’t sudden
but now my
weekends are boring
and my friends they’re all clueless
and she’s the only one i could call

would you let me know
what have you been doing
i know
now i’m not there
inside your picture
but i do
wanna know
wanna know
so pls let me know
how have you been
do you go out more
on the weekends
i’m barely at home
cuz i’m getting used you being gone
u being gone
u being gone
u being gone
u being gone

our memories they’ve
piled up
it’s hard to really give up
something that i
once loved
never thought it’s
this tough
i never felt all these feelings
and they all feel so foreign
like all these strangers i got to know

so pls let me know
if it’s too much
then just let me go
let me ponder inside of
your memory
it’s cozy
just pick me up
when u feel alone
don’t let me know
how you’re doing
cuz i miss you too
and i’m trying
to let go of you
it’s new
there’s no we
there only me and there’s you